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A Story of Diversity to Inspire Children Everywhere

Take your imagination on a fun and adventurous journey when you delve into an exciting story of diversity from Books by Deirdre. We have come out with a new children's book called, QUIT, Khaliah!, which is an amusing story about an 8-year-old little girl who is curious and loves to explore. Our books are about children from diverse backgrounds, because we believe there are not enough stories with diversity available for all children to read and enjoy.

Stories Based on Real-Life Events

When the author, Dr. Deirdre Williams, writes children's books, they are inspired by the memorable events from the author's past. Each story we create brings back so many memories from our youth. Our books about life's journey help you release things that you may have been holding onto. They take you to a mature place that allows you to come to terms with yourself and your imperfections, and helps you share those experiences. They help you see how far you've come and where you are going as you grow older.


Recently, the author of QUIT, Khaliah! read her book . This event in Austin, Texas, is a celebration of diverse literary voices. While Dr. Deirdre was at the book review, Khaliah participated at the author's table for Dicken's Christmas at Dr. Eugene Clark Library. We also sold our book at the Flat Creek Winery Thanksgiving Bazaar.

At the KAZI Book Review Dr. Deirdre Williams Signing an Autograph Signed QUIT, Khaliah! Pamphlet
Dr. Deirdre was recognized as a hometown author at the Memorial Scholarship Award Banquet hosted by the Carter Family.

Memorial Scholarship Award Banquet Memorial Scholarship Award Banquet Memorial Scholarship Award Banquet

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